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Should professional athletes be allowed to use steroids?

No. However this has been going on in all athletics since the 1970s mainstream. The fact of the matter is that if it available the athletes will use and especially if it proves to give them an edge. I compare it to the gang problem it has been going on for so long now it will be hard to end. If it was nipped in the bud early and people caught doing it were severely penalized it would not be an issue now.


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i think Daniel Tosh had it right on this one

"i think we as fans deserve the greatest athletes science can create! anything that will make you run faster, jump higher, anything! I have a high definition TV. I want my athletes like my video games! I could care less if you die at 40, you hate life after sports anyway. I'm doin you a favor."

funny comic!

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Does steroids allow a batter see the ball better or does steroids allow a quarterback more accurate or a hockey player skate faster? The answer is simple. No.

Thus, it should be up to the athlete if he wants to risk his health is really up to him.

Why do I care what he does with his body? I just watch.

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They have the money to afford them, so, they should be able to have a doctor prescribe them the steroids.

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Yes, I'd like to see some mutated humans.

LIke a person with tiger claws, gryphon wings, cougar speed. Imagine that!

Steroids => super humans

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hell no steriods add an advatage for you witch in turn cheats all the other players. what makes players like berry bonds or rodger clemens so mutch better than any one else that they can take steriods. plus if we allow steriods all were doing is adding another harmfull drug to list of all the others why put are atheletes at risk think about the kids who look up to a sertain athlete hes there hero hes the one peorson they look up to the most imagine the look on a child face if he found out that his hero is now suffering from liver tumors and other side affects of the drug all because we allowed it just think it could be your kid

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Please check your spelling. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, steroids x2, harmful, athletes, certain, their, person, now thats corrected.

Yes, these steroids have been found to cause many "issues" , or diseases/tumors, but, if they want to put themselves through that torture, and it's open to anyone and everyone, then why not, just have regular drug tests, so you can see who is taking them and who isn't. You do this so you can set aside a separate part of the Records Book or you can neglect them all together, and never put them in any records books.

You do this, and I guarantee you, that most ML players will, and would decide not to use steroids, and any enhancing substance, if it could jeopardize not only their career but their life.

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No, this isn't playing the game to /your/ best ability. One is using a drug to enhance his/her ability. Therefor, one's own (natural) ability doesn't make him any more skilled a player, because one can use an outside substance enhance his/her ability, matching one's own.

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SupremeLord(44) Disputed
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Steroids is a natural substance and should be encourged. We feed our plants their steroids.

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I didn't realize we'd been reduced to plant life! You feed yourself should also be feeding your plants FOOD! Steroids should only be used under a doctor's care and for certain conditions...and hopefully, not for very long.

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Steroids screw up the game. If an athlete is playing a game, it's a test of their physical abilities, not of their ability to get their hands on drugs! No on steroids!

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I think athletes should not be aloud to use steriods because it is cheating and it is just wrong. You are harming your body and making the sport unfair. Most people spend their life preparing for that moment and they lose because of someone cheating.

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Lol i have two accounts and this is one of them including the one im commenting on

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I think that steroids are abusive to your body and it is ruining the sports that pros play im a big fan of sports and I think we should ban them but people can use them from a doctor but there has to be a limit on that even from a doctor

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