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Should protitution be illegal?

Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession. Should this practice remain illegal in the majority of the U.S. or should we legalize and regulate it to help provide a safe environment for the workers and clients as well as the added benefit of extra tax revenue? I propose the legalization of prostitution with a 50% tax on all revenue. Money goes towards weekly testing of employees, manditory safe sex practices, security measures and whatever the hell else we need it for. Health care, new roads, education, etc. Make Uncle Sam their pimp and we all win.


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Prostitution is a social disease and it should not be allowed in any country

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No. Prostitution is conducive to the spread of venereal diseases. A large group of men having intercourse with a limited amount of prostitutes (legally) will exacerbate what is already a serious problem.

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Hey spell correctly. I do not understand this "protitution". If, however, you're talking about prostitution, then, whatever, because I'm never gonna be near one.

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Too right, it is ridiculous that prostitution is illegal, the strange thing is, if you film it it becomes legal, this is a load of bullkaka.

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I say make it legal, regulate it, make it safer through testing and monitoring, and confine it to controlled locations. It's the world's oldest profession. Wasting tax dollars and police resources on it will never make it go away.

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Giving away money away money is legal. Fucking is legal. Why is giving away money in order to be fucked illegal?

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I live in New Zealand - where prostitution is legal (however it hasn't always been legal). Despite this however, STDs and other negative social impacts of prostitution don't seem to be apparent. Surely it's common sense - that is happens anyway. Plus, unlike drugs - supply and demand aren't likely to increase excessively, as (I know from where I live), it's still not something that is socially accepted even though it's legal.

So that's why it shouldn't be illegal .. and why it should be legal is that it would mean that the government can regulate it, and receive revenue from it.

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I think States should legalize prostitution because revenue can be made from State controlled houses of prostitution.

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