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Should racial supremacists groups use blood tests for admission?

If so, what markers/haplogroups should they require?


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Yes. Because it would force them to define the in-group which would immediately exclude much of the membership. And, in looking for the genetic markers for racial superiority, they would find that they don't exist.

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Why is it the DEMORATS cannot build housing for the homeless in SAN FRANCISCO ?????

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Can you explain why DEMORATS could NOT build a HIGH SPEED RAIL in CALIFORNIA ? They took your tax dollars and it was an EPIC FAIL !!!!!!!!!!!

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Members of the vegan race should be rejected from all groups and not allowed to enter grocery stores until they agree to buy the meats.

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Should racial supremacists groups use blood tests for admission?

No, but we should use blood tests to determine if you kidnapped the kid you pimped across the border for sex trafficking.

What? You want kids to get raped in order to feel super tolerant?


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