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Should racial tolerance be a prerequisite for parents who want to adopt?

In italy a court recently ruled that a couple could be denied the right to adopt because they requested a child who wasn't "dark skinned."

Here is the article:

So the question is, should racist couples be allowed to adopt?

On the one hand it would allow these parents to indoctrinate their children with the same racism, and on the other hand it could be seen as an infringement of rights.



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It would only be furthering us as a people from becoming more empathetic towards one another.

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Absolutely not.

First of all, claiming that one is tolerant of other races does not mean that one is; thus, the whole idea defeats itself.

Secondly, if they had their own children, those children would be taught the same 'values'. Why should parents who chose to adopt be any different?

Thirdly, and using the slippery slope (or rather, as I think of it: quasi-psychohistory), what is to stop them from barring racially intolerant parents from giving birth? What about religion? They could say that children ought not be taught by religious parents: they should make their own choices.


If they don't want a 'dark skinned' child, then that's up to them. Why ought it matter whether they request to raise a white child or a black one? It could even be possible that parents would want children of the same race so that they could raise them as their own, and not have to admit that the child was birthed by somebody else.

Ofttimes adoptees do not learn that they were adopted; if this is what the parents had in mind, their entire plans get 'thrown out the window' with the coming of a different child.

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Does thier preference toward skin color in the child that they chose to adopt make them racist? If they chose to adopt a boy child over a girl child would that make them sexist? The definition of racist is: "The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others." Thier stated preference by itself does not qualify them as racist according to the definition.

There are those of all races that feel that the needs and interests of both the children and the parents would be best served by adopting within thier own race or culture. There are those that feel that adopting children of another race will enhance both the childrens and parents life. I think that this is largely a matter of personal belief on either side and does not qualify the perspective parent as a bad candidate by itself.

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I do agree with you that in this case, the case could be argued that the parents were not actually racist but were in fact just trying to maybe make life easier on themselves/their child by having him look like them; however, what about in the case where the parents are actually racist (not sure what scenario would prove this though).

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Does it matter if adoptive parents are racist? They shall be racist whether they adopt or have children of their own; in the latter instance, do you propose that children be taken away from their natural parents due to this racism? If not, then there should be no difference with adoption.

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