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Should religion be included in the U.S school curriculum?

Should teachers be allowed to teach about the many religions in the world including Christiantity, Islam, Jewish, and all others. I understand that they teach some religion but only briefs.


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Yes, but only to a limited extent, Like for example: Talk about every MAJOR religion in the world, talk about what that religion does, and ALSO talk about ATHEISM. That way it is not bias in any means and teaches about everything.


I am a atheist, sue me.

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As an elective world theology class(es), yes.

As a required course, no.

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I think teachers should teach their students about the other religions in the world so they can embrace tolerance.

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Yes, history can be used to discuss religion because religion has had the most impact on the world and has affected the course of history radically.

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You would have to have equal representation for each religion for it to be fair and that is impossible

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By teaching students religion, how would that benefit them in getting a job?

By that reasoning, I'm not fully against teaching religion. I think it should definitely be an option to pick a theology class, but definitely not mandatory.

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