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Should same sex marriage be legal?


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There does not exist an argument against gay marriage that is not rooted in religion.

The first amendment sets in stone that congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion.

This is not something that is arguable in the United States. If you don't want to practice gay marriage in your own church, fine. Don't. But any law restricting marriage in the eyes of the government is in itself unlawful.

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FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Hogwash, do you want men having 30 wives? Is that how you look at the Constitution. Anything goes?

The Constitution in no way wanted Gay marriage to be legal. If it did, it would have been long ago.

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nathenkeem(1) Disputed
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Hogwash, the constitution was written many years ago, a time where being anything but of the heterosexual preference was alienated and oppressed. Considering this fact, then of course the constitution wouldn't have legalized gay marriage. If the people that were creating the constitution were in fact against the gays, then it is only common sense that it wouldn't be legalized. However, currently that is not the case. There are more than an abundance of pro same sex marriage politicians: Rob Portman, Lisa Murkowski, etc. Therefore, using your reasoning, same sex marriage should be legal.

In addition, to whom would it harm if same sex marriage would become legal? It is heartbreaking to know that same sex marriage needed a fight in order for it to have been legal. Just like marriage between heterosexuals, the marriage between homosexuals should have been automatically legalized. Having marriage between the same sex hurts no one but the sacredly religious people that still believe the centuries old belief that god "hated the gays".

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Gay marriage should be a State's issue and not forced upon every state by a Leftist dictatorship.

The Left have become Socialistic dictators believing they have the right to force all Americans to follow their political correct ideology.

Millions of Americans do not believe in Gay marriage, nor so called Transgender boys allowed in our daughter's public school bathrooms.

We once were a free nation where the people had the right to decide the laws in their own States.

Marriage is not an equal right's issue!

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excon(14600) Disputed
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Marriage is not an equal right's issue!

Hello From:

True... Marriage ISN'T an equal rights issue.. And, if there were no rights attached to marriage, it wouldn't even be an issue at all, because it would be strictly a religious procedure OUT of the purview of the government....

But, there ARE rights attached to marriage, and the 14th Amendment says that if YOU have a right, I have that SAME right..

Look.. If you wanna STOP gay people from getting married, REMOVE all the rights that come with marriage..


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FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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That was done long ago. It was called civil unions with the same right's as marriage.

That was not good enough for activist Gays and Left wing politicians. They wanted marriage so they could pretend their unnatural sexual orientation was normal, and to create a divisive issue that could get the Democrat Party votes.

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Amarel(5140) Clarified
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