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Should school itself be compulsory?

Of course

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Well, it should be compulsory to learn to read and do basic math, but after 10th grade (like the system we have now) it should be up to you.

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I agree, you only need to know fairly basic stuff academic stuff to get on in life, if you want to go on a vocational path once you've done that it should be up to you.

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Otherwise lots of people would end up being illiterate, unable to count and lacking other basic skills.

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Slengdu(121) Disputed
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Define basic and define skill please.

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Basic: Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental.

Skill:The ability to do something well; expertise.

Do you have a counterargument to what I said other than asking me to define simple words that I used?

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I think that education is important, and the easiest way to receive that is to go to school.

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Actually, I prefer it if my school system gives us a option to opt out of the system but AFTER learning the basics and let us pursue our own talents and dreams.

P.S. I'm actually prefer studying but for the sake of my brother I hope that he can get into a swimming school :D

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Depends on the schooling system. Our society depends on peoples ability to read and calculate so I don't see how it's justifiable not to learn it. Apart from that and maybe some few other essential things I don't think school necesarilly has to be compulsory.

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People have a right to decide on what is right for their own children.

It is not the government's right to dictate to someone how to raise their children.

Since the lesson plan is controlled by the government also, it would be giving them a tremendous amount of power over how we see the world around us. They would be able to dictate what is or isn't fact by penalizing those who have different opinions.

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