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Should school uniform be abolished??

I don't like school uniforms myself, as they are not comfortable and make people look like everybody else (at school)! They take away people's freedom, indivuality, identity, and personality. And people barely ever get to wear their own clothes! + it can cost so much, and we are still growing. Our parents are spending money on what they could be for us.

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Uniforms are designed for just that: unity amongst pupils in the name of that particular school. It allows for children to direct their focus more toward the things that matter (i.e. learning) rather than fretting over whether their attire is in vogue or not. This is particularly important, I feel when it comes to adolescence: at a time when the strength of self-esteem can be inconstant this at least lessens the emotional pressure as well as eliminating a reason for being bullied (i.e. not having 'the right style').

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uniforms? Is it not enough these beautiful girls and boys have to slave in a classroom all day learning utter useless bullshit? Then when these people look for an outlet(eg: drawing) they are called out and punished for it. Then these same schools fear monger you into believing that government run institutions filled with lies and utter BS classes will make you successful. To see my fellow classmates be pushed to the point they can't dress as they lie? Too far for me.

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Fuck yeah I want All High School CHICS to walk around NAKED.

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