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Yes! Morals are important! No! It will be hindered!
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Should scientific research be dictated by ethical concerns?

Yes! Morals are important!

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No! It will be hindered!

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You need a philosophical foundation for the practice of science. We are moral agents and all hold our respective world views, but if scientific research inhibits the freedom and well-being of others (which could be called "ethical concerns"), then the scientists who do the testing are on a sinking ship.

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Everything should be dictated by morals to an extent. There will come a point (if it hasn't come already) where scientists can do something, but shouldn't.

Like in "Jurassic Park."

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I was thinking about something like this the other day. When I was watching district 9 and they were doing all those experiments on the guy and because he could fire alien weapons. These scientists were completely heartless. Cold, calculated, completely emotionless - almost robotic.

The point is that a true scientist is exactly that. The ends justifies the means. However it takes away the human-ness. They're not men or women - just scientists.

So scientific research would be hindered by sticking to a path - but I would say that it is the lesser of two evils. Research that leads to mostly good.. or research that leads to a lot of good but also a lot of evil.

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Morals are different by ethics.


Morals - It's wrong cause it seems wrong like gay sex, drug use and prostitution.

Ethics - It's wrong cause it inflicts on another like rape, murder and stealing.

so, yes, ethics are important, but science should not be limited by morals.

Although, I will say that many great scientific discoveries were found by hurting many people... so at some times it can be a necessary evil (I don't recommend it though, but we should accept the truth.)

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Morals and ethics are stupid. What sort of rational person decides how to react to a situation before it even presents itself?

This goes for all things, not just science.

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