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Should smoking and vaping be illegal?

I was wondering anyone's opinion on this.


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Smoking and vaping definitely need to be illegal because it causes environmental harm. Smoking and vaping definitely need to be illegal because both of them are bad for the environment. Smoking causes 7 to 10 times more air pollution than a diesel car engine, smoking produces 84,000 kg of carbon emissions, and smoking produces more carbon emissions than a diesel car engine. Vaping causes environmental harm by the nicotine spreading to other parts of the environment, especially when it spills. By the way, I think smoking cannabis should be illegal, too because it causes air pollution

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The house cannot be beaten.

I do think that smoking and vaping are extremely hazardous to one's health but I also know that only the Casino wins when it comes to gambling.

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I think this person might be a bot. I declared that person as my enemy. I don't declare any bots as my friend. I just get fed up with the spam they post.

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