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Oh yeah no way! think of your health!!
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Should smoking be legal before 18?

should kids be puffing as they do anyway

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no way! think of your health!!

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i think smoking should be legal before 18 because people are going to do it anyway. as well as drinkin and weed. should all be legal...

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they're going to do it anyway so why not let them?

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you cant stop people doing something they want to

it becomes legal to smoke in public when your 16 so how is a law to not buy them before 18 going to stop them?

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DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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What on earth are you talking about?

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Chicken(202) Disputed
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theres a law here that states that anyone over the age of 16 can smoke in public (if they're not then the fuzz confiscate your smokes) but there's also a law stating that it's a criminal offense to supply anyone under the age of 18 with cigarettes or any smoking products, including tally-ho's and lighters etc.

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Although I don't agree with all the statements saying, "why not? They're going to do it anyway," I think it should be legal because it's one less ridiculous thing for the country to give a crap about. 18 year olds aren't really that idiotic, nor are 17 or 16 or even some 15 year olds. Like, ever since a kid is old enough to understand what they're hearing, most of them probably learn smoking is bad and pointless and addicting. And if they still want to do it anyway (usually because everyone around them is), then let them be as ignorant as the others. It takes someone with a lot of guts and brains to not bother with such crap like this or alcohol or underage sex.

Plus, a lot of studies point to the fact that a lot of people do illegal stuff for the thrill of rebelling. Make it legal and some people will be like, 'what's the point?'

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I think smoking is pretty disgusting, but in all honesty if i wanted to slowly kill myself I wouldn't do it by smoking legally, or illegally.

and by the way, i think it's only illegal to buy cigarettes when your under 18. as far as i know you can still smoke it as long as your not the one who bought it...

but still. it's gross. haha.

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The way minor laws are created, i think it's the government's responsibility to not allow them to have access to such a substance.

Do i think it's that bad for teens to smoke? not really, but we should give them time and the proper education before they make a decision to start smoking (which can be very addictive).

But at 18, technically they are independents and the government shouldn't have a strict hold on them anymore. I mean this for alcohol and drugs too.

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I believe that any potentially harmful activities should be prohibited until one is 18, when s/he can (theoretically) make responsible adult decisions. Whether this is alcohol, cigarettes, tattoos, bungee jumping, cannabis, or anything else, these are decisions for "adults" to make.

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So, since most adults are doing one or several of those substances you listed, what does that imply? That most adults are irresponsible?

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Of course not. I partake in several of those substances, as well. I believe that when a harmful activity is introduced, one must be considered old enough to make one's own responsible, logical choices.

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Smoking harms our health, makes one a public deterrence (although not necessarily), and all in all, burns a big hole in our wallets. For that few smoke one takes in, it not only harms your health but it also harms the others' around you as well, it is unfair and selfish of one to be even smoking.

Should smoking be legal before 18(or even after it)No and never, i strongly object this mindset!

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