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Yes, despite remaining vocal. No, allow them to be active.
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Should social elites, stay out of political issues?

it's become apparent in the last few years, that the social elites of not only the US, but the world. Are more interested in pushing one issue, or the other, through the use of applying their own social status.

This covers most issues as well, going from people like Leonardo DiCaprio. All the way to others like the more recent arrival of Colin Kaepernick.

But in doing so, many of them reveal that they don't actually know exactly what it is that they're putting their voice behind, or they show that they lack more perspective than most, especially on the wider area of such issues. Be it domestic abuse, drug addiction, homelessness, or even poverty in other countries, and every other topic that are simply too numerous to count at this point.

I bring this up mainly, because of the recent occurrence with LeBron James, and having his little social media spat with another world class athlete by the name of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

We know that what LeBron is doing most likely comes from a good place. Yet as it's been pointed out for him already, he seems to be missing the larger picture on this issue, and is only content to fire back at Zlatan.

Many can simply remember when the issue of protestors being beaten down in China, something that is basically not a new occurrence at this point, and the manager of another team spoke out against those actions. Yet LeBron was content to chastise the manager, and not speak up on the obvious injustices that were being perpetrated by China, against it's own people.

Yes, despite remaining vocal.

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No, allow them to be active.

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These mainly, not too bright narcissists are unaware that there are countless numbers of people who are as stupid as they are and will take on board what they hear from their from the upper classes as being gospel.

Side: Yes, despite remaining vocal.
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That wouldn't be democracy, would it?? Problem is, they shouldn't have more power or influence than anyone else, but, they usually have more money than most and, money is power ... regretfully.

Side: No, allow them to be active.
DrChamberlin(33) Clarified
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It's not really a point of democracy, when the more correctly applied term for their actions would be might makes right.

Side: Yes, despite remaining vocal.