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Yes, they heavily supported it Nobody specific can be blamed
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Should some of the ban on gay marriage blame go to the mormon church?

Yes, they heavily supported it

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Nobody specific can be blamed

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I was once homophobic. But no I don't care. You cannot change who people are inside. The mormon church is simply an excepted cult that tried to appeal to a larger audience in order to brainwash more people into believing in their satanic beliefs. They should have lots of the blame on them, because they are intolerant and only support themselves with small boxed in beliefs.

Side: Yes, they heavily supported it
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My question is, who ordained the Church to impose their opinion on us. We all shall be held accountable on that day Allah returns. First of all, Christ died that we might be free, no longer being burdened by others convictions. Can we just live in peace! Second, I saw a documentary about this guy who attended a Mormon church, he decided to seperate from the church after the church was in conflict with the Anti-Christ, with whether he will be their Messiah or not. The Greeks do not like jews, they have taken us from our land and replaced us with none-jews (II Kings 17:21-41). At first they didn't know what to do, as far as worshipping Allah, so they sent in original jews to teach them how to serve Allah, they started out okay, but they ended up worshipping their old gods, and committing sins like the jews. See there is no one person that is perfect. Their are churches here in America, that are built for conspiracy purposes. They are waiting for Armageddon, only they won't fight us cause we'll be caught up to be with Allah (Rapture). They will be fighting Allah.(Revelations 20).

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The blame game doesn't advance your cause. If something doesn't advance your cause, don't do it. It is fruitless. Why waste precious energy on it?

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Firstly, the word blame in this debate title is very partisan. -just saying

Secondly, you cant really blame religion because religion didn't vote , the people did, and it is a fact that the "Mormon church"(the correct name is"The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints") does not take political stances on issues, the only people they are talking to about this are members of the church.

Thirdly, by trying to blame anyone you are blaming democracy.

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There is no one to blame other than the voters in the state of California!

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