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Should students be able to chose their classes from the beggining of school?

As the title says, should they be allowed to chose at the begging of their Educational Carrer?

Remember people, give reasons.

Of course!

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I think they should be able to choose courses in High School. There would not be much choice in Elementary school.

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The fact we don't choose is so that we get a taste of subjects and see what we like so we know what we want to study in GCSE's/A-levels.

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Julius(201) Clarified
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I'm assuming you're from somewhere in Europe. I'm Canada, and last time I checked we don't have GCSEs, so, care to elaborate?

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Vermink(1943) Clarified
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Yeah england, GCSE's are test's that you have to take at the end of a school life and the grades you get on them affect the job you get in the future, they are very important and can be very tasking.

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