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Should students be able to freely wag/skip lessons at school

Students these days wag almost everyday and I think we should be able to with our own freely, especially wagging MATHS... FUCKING MATHS  Laughing


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Yes, it should be the responsibility of the individual to attend school. If they fail because they don't go to lessons, it's their fault.

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Students should have the freedom to freely skip lessons at school. Do not simply assume that students would skip all classes and just go around doing nothing. Responsible students would attend interesting classes and skip the less interesting ones. The time would be a benefit. It is in their purview to cope up with the missed classes. But, you should give them the freedom to decide which class to attend and which not to.

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AREKKUSU(275) Disputed
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Yes, we shouldn't make the assumption that they'd skip all their classes.

How is it responsible to skip classes just because they're 'less interesting'.

Also, one should only be given this right if they're doing exceptional in their classes, it shouldn't be "Freely done".

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Quocalimar(6469) Disputed
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Although it should be their responsibility it doesn't mean that they have the maturity level to make the responsible decision. If it were aloud so simply to skip whatever class you want, no assuming they'd skip all classes, they could gain the mindset that they can always do whatever they want, and don't have to do what they don't want.

It's like the rule on wearing seat belts. Not only are we saving you from yourself, and penalizing you as extra incentive to be saved, but we are saving anyone under you care. If you're a father and you don't wear your seat belt and die in a crash, the victim is not you it's your child.

In the scenario the man didn't have the knowledge or desire to wear his seat belt and he payed the ultimate price for the lack of knowledge. In the case with the kids who freely skip classes with no fear of punishment they are being left to hinder themselves in the future.

I wrote so much because I jump around a lot, sorry.

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I think that they should be able to skip classes. The students that actually want to get an education should go to class, and the student that dont want their education dont have to go. I aslo think that they should be able to pick the classes that they get, as long as it stays in the graduation requirements. That way their education can actually benfit them in the ways that they need

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At younger ages students, especially the less bright and younger ones, wouldn't always make the right decisions. Maybe they could make it so that students that are doing exceptional in all their classes could skip classes or something to that extent, I'd be fine with that. But the U.S. Is dropping behind educationally. And the fact that "Yes" is winning this debate, it's obvious why.

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No .

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Of course not. the reason children need to go to school is so that they can learn important skills, and lessons you will need later on in life. less a question of if they should be aloud to or not and more a question of where would it end.

Today they're skipping lessons they find to be too difficult, even though it would be best to learn it, next thin you know they're skipping lessons just because it's a boring lesson.

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