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Should students have homework???

Of course!!!

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Homework for me was a necessary part of my education.

I really didn't learn that much in class so homework helped me to reinforce what I needed to know and understand.

Without homework I would never have passed my final exams and gained the career that I enjoyed for nearly 40 years

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Yes they should, it gives the students extra practice on the subject and can help them succeed in it. It is important for them and that it can truly help them.

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Homework has several goals. But think about it, it's just preparing people for life, which should be the goal of any school.

By doing homework, and getting punished in their grade if they don't do that, they learn responsibility, and how to deal with a workload and a deadline.

The work it self supplements the work being done in class, and helps gain a better understanding of what they need to be learn. It helps people learn better.

What are the negatives? That kids are 'forced' to take a bit more time out of their lives to prepare for their future and to learn? The horror.

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If they don't have homework, they will be lazy, and of course, their learning outcomes will decline. So I think they must have homework

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Yes in order to show the teacher you understand something and to ensure a recently covered topic is reinforced in your mind and so that your understanding is consolidated. However independent revision and exams practice is far more important for academic success. When it is getting towards exam periods students should be let off homework so they can do independent learning and practice areas that they think need work.

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if you want to be rich one day then you need homework because reasons

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I don't think homework does any lasting good for the student. All the homework I was ever given I finished in study hall, which they may not have now. It was like a free time period. We were supposed to be studying or reading or something, inside a room next to the Library of the school. Most of the kids I went to school with got help with their homework or had it done by older siblings or their parents. That's a waste of time!

My grandchildren did more homework than they did work at school. They go to school to learn and teachers don't seem to be doing their jobs very well.

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Well in my country,there's no concept of homework,everything is done in the bars.Students go to beaches not to schools much.

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Students shouldn't do homework because kids need a break from a long day work. Children also need a good amount of exercise after school to stay fit. If homework is introduced then this cannot happen.

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Although homework does have many benefits, it makes school a living hell.

I would go to school every day and be happy to learn- if not for homework.

I would enjoy my classes. I would work well and be stress free- if not for homework.

Look at Finland, one of the only school systems without homework. And their students are several grades ahead of ours.

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