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Should students sacrifice a bit of their health for their study?

Should students sacrifice a bit of their health for their study? I think they should. Because everyone should work to the extremes. If you get to keep your general health on purpose and you don't work very hard, while your opponent sacrifice a bit of his health to work harder than you with his general health not influenced much, he defeats you. Of course health should be kept, but getting the general health kept is enough (It's stupid of one to sacrifice his general health). A small part of one's health may be sacrificed with no sorry.

Yes, they should.

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No, they shouldn't.

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I can't see why you assume students must sacrifice some of their health to study.

How can studying adversely affect one's health?

Many young people who go to work have their physical and mental health detrimentally affected by the nature of their occupations but recognise that they need to earn money and therefore plough on regardless.

Those serving in the armed forces are broken down psychologically by their seniors then rebuilt in the form which is considered to be most compatible with their military function.

Steel fixers, brick-layers, truck drivers, police officers and many other trades and professions all have their own specific negative health issues.

Students don't have a monopoly on suffering stress or anxiety to achieve their goals.

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Impirum(258) Clarified
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Thanks for replying me.

My "students must sacrifice some of their health to study" means, for example, many university students work till 4 a.m. When they are tired, they don't rest but drink 4 cups of coffee.

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Ahoghill(1452) Clarified
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Hi there,

I fully appreciate why you feel that working both late and intensively may have a detrimental effect on student's health.

However, any perceived harm caused by studying long and strenuously would be temporary and very mild.

Any such health issues would pale into insignificance when compared with the livelihoods of others, both young and not so young who have to work long hours in the open through severe weather conditions on building sites, in cold draughty garages, enforcing law and order in our crime ridden towns and cities etc.

Millions have studied late and conscientiously while finding their nutrition by having to heat a tin of beans over a candle.

Sorry, powder-puff, snowflake will get no sympathy from me.

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Well, I think that if students are sacrificing their health, they are actually not helping their studies at all. They are harming their studies. Because, if they are unhealthy, they will not have good mental wellbeing, and so they will work less efficiently. On the other hand, being active improves memory, as this study shows:

I hope I have convinced you of the sway to the truth: that students should not sacrifice their health for their study.

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