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Should tablets replace textbooks in schools?


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the students will not have to carry heavy textbooks and that will help in the back postures of students

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"Should tablets replace textbooks in schools?" I would say this should be a goal of our public school systems. It would reduce the amount of paper we need thus saving a lot of trees in the process. Not only that but it would most likely get more students interested in reading the actual material. It would make our schools look more modern and less ancient, but at the same time, I consider this more of a goal then a reality because of the cost involved. Would students abuse the equipment probably. Books for what they are worth are even abused by students and they are more easily replaced. As far as should books be replaced for me it is an plausible goal and we will know when we have reached future society when we do replace books with tablets.

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I think tablets will become more and more the learning tool for schools.

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The feel of a real book can never be replaced by a tablet. and do you think everyone could afford it?.....

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No no never!!! Textbooks are better than tablets because they cost much cheaper than tablets.6 books = 1tablet. If we replace textbooks with tablets there is again a problem of network, which is not easily available everywhere. Textbooks are way better than tablets...

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