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Should teachers carry guns in schools?

Fox News reported that: An Arkansas school district that trained more than 20 teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns on campus through a program that faces questions over its legality was wrong to make secret the names of the employees, the state's top attorney said Monday.  While I don't really care about the teachers names, I want your opinion on teachers carrying firearms in the classroom.

Do you think it is ok for teachers to carry firearms in the classroom? 

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Totally cool yes. That would be awesome. And it would also make sure the students dont behave bad cause the teacher has a gun. Which they most likely will NOT use it

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Yes. This also should come with more training and a tighter selection on who should be a teacher. It could increase a teachers pay and make schools more safe.

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Well in these days god only knows we wuld have something on the news along the lines of "Teacher snaps and kills 42 students, then shoots herself"

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That is where my concern lies...Give the teacher nothing and she/he can't defend themselves. Give them a gun and they can't help themselves!

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Yeah a taser or Tranquilizer gun would probably be the best option.

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feelingtruth(2773) Clarified
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Give them a gun and they can't help themselves!

That shouldn't have, but it did make me laugh

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Troy8(2431) Disputed
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If a teacher really wanted to kill students, they would bring a gun to school anyway. Besides, other teachers would also have guns and would be able to stop that kind of attack before it got out of control.

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It only takes like 5 seconds to pull a gun out of a drawer and shoot a child and then kil yourself. Nobody could stop it.

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DevinSeay(1120) Clarified
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As a Libertarian, this is where I disagree mainly with other Libertarians. Some people simply are not fit to own a gun. But when you think about it, cops can flip too and it has been known to happen.

Deep down I try to avoid this debate.

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This is the sort of thing I'd expect in a war zone.

How the hell does a teacher justify this to a child?

"Teacher, why do you have a gun? Have I been bad?"

"No sweetie, its just that we believe that there's a real chance that a crazy man is going to come a shoot you and I want to shoot him first. Now go play with your trucks :)"

It makes me physically sick. USAians need to accept sometimes that some things are out of their control. The cure is worse than the disease in this case.

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No! Bad idea! A student could attack a teacher, take the gun, and perform a massacre at the school.

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