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Should teachers have to face mandatory drug tests?

Why shouldn't teachers be drug tested? Do you a parent or you a student really want yourself or your kids being taught by a pot head? Isn't it antithetic for a teacher to advocate signs that read D.A.R.E in their windows when they themselves do not follow the regulations of DARE? 


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I was shocked to hear a friend of my mother's who is a teacher did ' something ', since she was talking about her ex and that they drank a lot and did ' something ' it made me think.

Us ( where I live ) as students are subject to random drug tests, refusal is really not a logical option. You face a much less harsh charge if you test for drugs than if you refuse to take the test. With that being said.

I think that all teachers should be drug tested just because it doesn't seem right to have someone your child is with nearly every day for his mental forming that is doing drugs. Thats like telling your kid that Santa Clause is real and he beats his wife with his old crack pipes. Just something F'ed up.

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cindylouwho(2) Disputed
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I will take a drug test any time of any day, but not until students are also required to do the same.

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anne(1) Disputed
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Are you not the adult here ....You teach you should pee. Is the problem a do as I say not as I do debate or only teachers covered under 4th amendment ...not students buck up its coming your way soon every union is signing on for drug testing the UFT is powereful but not that powerful..My advice get clean now..

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I am also not a fan of tenure. I had some real crap ass teachers in high school.

I actually had a class where the weekly work was simply copying down a page of notes from the text book, and then on Friday, "taking a test"." Which consisted of copying that page onto another page and turning the second page in....

The next year I had a History class where we just watched CNN and ate funions...

In fact I just had an Econ class where we just watched MSNBC... to be fair it was in September, so we learned a lot.. but still. And that teacher was such an airhead I basically told him I earned an A and that's the grade I was getting or else... And I did....

We have a lot of sucky teachers out there. But on the note of drug testing: Why not?

It's important that teachers are at least sober, and drug tests are so accessible and cheap.

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cindylouwho(2) Disputed
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We have a lot of sucky students out there. And on the note on drug testing: Sure, I'll take a drug test right after all of the students are drug tested.

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Pineapple(1448) Disputed
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Sucky students need to be inspired, sucky teachers need to be fired...

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Many workers should face mandatory drug screenings and teachers should not be an exception. There is nothing more precious than the mind of a child and how influential teachers are within that mindset is incredible. I'm not saying that marijuana, as a recreational drug, should be included in this but more substantive substances should be. What a teacher does after school is fine but please, not during the school day!

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If students have to be tested , so should teachers. Why have double standards?

At the same time, there is no reason why a person should not be allowed to do whatever they want in their free time.

Personally, I think first we must determine what drugs are truly toxic and incapacitate people's ability to function. Marijuana for example is completely different from methane. and I know some teachers who would smoke marijuana on the weekends but be fully functional and committed during their work week. Methane users on the other hand may not be capable of continuing teaching. this of course would show on their performance.

As a more preferable answer, testing should not be done at all. If the teacher or the student are performing, then what is the problem? But if testing is required, then it should be equal treatment for all... .both students and teachers.

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Well I think they should only be tested if there is serious reason to believe they are doing drugs and if this somehow affects their teaching abilities. My drivers ed. teacher was actually caught with pot in his car years ago. And now, after he was caught and everything, he teaches 250 kids a year how to drive! (needless to say, I learned nothing in that class- the test was common sense and most of my education in driving was from my driving instructor and my parents.) So I think people like him should be drug tested from time to time, seeing as the drugs could affect his teaching in a very negative way. I have a few funny stories of him if anyone wants to hear. :) He's got an IQ of maybe 80 or something, so he does some dumb $hit!

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yes because if a drunk teacher comes to school oh no i swear one day my teacher was drunk

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Yes they should be drug tested. As well as alcohol tested, as my classmates and even previous year classmates, have concluded that one of our history teaches drinks alcohol in the classroom. At least, actually, it was a rumor going around; if it's true or not, I'm not sure. If anything, she drank a shitload of coffee throughout the day and was always disappearing to pee. But still, they should be tested to be sure they're not drunk and stuff too.

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I know for a fact that several of the teachers at my school do/did drugs. These teachers are no different from any other teacher in terms of teaching. They are totally capable of maintaining themselves in the classroom and doing there job. The only difference is that teachers that do drugs like weed are more chill socially and actually provide a better learning environment for me. So no, I think it is stupid to drug test teachers.

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Teachers should not be put through this embarrassment. It would be a waste of taxpayers' money.

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Its like freedom of speech isn't it? so long as they aren't in the store cupboard sniffing it with a straw or walking down the corridor with a spliff in their hand its alright isn't it ? because its THEIR life so long as they aren't under the influence at school then its alright. and if they want to have an active sex life so be it they shouldn't be done for so long as their not stripping in the corridors and doing it with their students. also its people who say yes who have made this world as it is example? "Someone might get hurt. If that someone is the intruder the resident can be sued by the burglar" this is on the page and this is official law and because of all this human rights stuff criminals can do whatever they want and it was set up by YOU "The killer who knifed headmaster Philip Lawrence to death is expected to win his appeal to stay in Britain because deporting him would breach his human rights, according to a Home Office official" and this is the address of the page,

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