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Should teachers have to follow the same rules as the students?


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Absolutely! We need to model good behavior and talking on our cell phones in class does not constitute following the rules.

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While it is important for teachers model appropriate behavior, not all rules are created to facilitate appropriate behavior. Some rules are based on order or expectation of teenaged behavior. As an example, students are not allowed eat or drink in the classrooms. However, every morning I drink Starbucks in my classroom. As a teacher, I take responsibility for cleaning my classroom while my students do not own that duty. Therefore, a preventive rule like this one should not apply to teachers.

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DJSNuva1(78) Disputed
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Anyone who imposes a rule but doesn't follow it is a hypocrite.

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wforcier(98) Disputed
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A teacher imposes a rule that states that students must remain silent while taking an exam. However, the teacher gives auditory comments about the time remaining in order to make sure students can budget their time effectively. Is this teacher a hypocrite? isn't he breaking his own rule? Is that irrational?

Further, have you ever seen a teacher's rule book? It is much larger than the student ones by far (though this may be just my previous two schools).

Obviously some rules must be followed, but some have to be broken for the sake of providing for a student.

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I agree with Joe Cavalry that, in this world, some people are more equal than others. Teachers eat in classrooms, talk on phones, they can do just about anything they want. Think of them as the boss, and the students as emplyees. The boss would not get down on hands and knees and do the employee's work, they are above those rules. Why should a teacher be any different?

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DJSNuva1(78) Disputed
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This isn't a debate about equality. It's a debate about whether or not teachers should obey the rules they impose upon their students. Not about homework or assignments, but about the rules of conduct that one should follow. You're metaphor looks solid at first glance, but give it say, five seconds of thought. We are NOT debating about whether or not teachers should do the same work as the students - That's clearly ridiculous. What we are talking about is the rules of conduct that should be followed, unrelated to the assignments of the 'worker'. And administrator should do his/her job, a teacher should do his/her job, a student should do his/her job, but they should all adhere to the same rules of conduct. So, Like I said, imposing a rule while not following it yourself is hypocrisy.

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I agree with rules of conduct; indeed I know that many kids in school swear, but are the teachers allowed to? They should do their job to the best of their abilities, but that still does not mean that a teacher be restricted to the rules set for a bunch of delinquents.

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No, but then again no one "has" to follow rules anyway. =/

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