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Should teenagers work while they are students?

In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea?


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Real world experience in the workplace is good because it develops an work ethic.

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I work and I'm in college. Mostly because I'm pregnant and I can't ask for my mom to pay for everything, but I think it's fine.

It's not like they ask for students to work full-time. They'll gladly have someone to work evening shifts, so they'll get to go home in the afternoon:)

Plus, no one has so much homework they can't work one or two nights a week, or a saturday morning.

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It depends if they want money or not. Although it's a good foundation to build responsibility, there are other ways, such as tending to the things their parents put them in charge of, or a pet.

Yet at the same time it can be an added stress bonus to the already stressful life of a teenager, in high school, surrounded by peer pressure and potential criticizers.

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It's okay for them to work as teenagers, it not only teaches them the value of a dollar but its also shows them great work ethics.

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And let's not forget that if you work your boss can give you an excellent recommendation, which will be worth a lot when you seek for a real job in the future.

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Yes because if they work while they are students they could save up for college or things that they need to buy, such as school books pencils, folders, or hygiene items, such as deoderant, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush , tooth paste, etc.

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Only if they are smart enough to go to school and work at the same time.

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They should work if it's the only way for them to buy the things they need/want, or if the household needs additional money that the parents can not earn.

Other than that, I wouldn't say they should. Life's full of challenges and children/teenagers should stay free of additional obligations for as long as they can while leading a comfortable life.

They'll spend the next 40 years working, so let them enjoy while they can. Teach them responsibility and work ethics, but let them live as best as possible. A parent should always try to give their children a life as good and as easy as possible while they're under their care, meanwhile making them productive, good people to keep up the good life once they're independent adults.

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depends on their parents income........................................

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Depends on their parents income how?

Should they work if the parents had a poor income?

Which would lead to those who have wealthy parents should not work, right?

Isn't that unfair to the not so wealthy students, and on the same time spoiling the wealthy students?

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Gloria(135) Disputed
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Life is unfair.

You can't change that.

So yes, it would be unfair, but everything is unfair.

Someone's parents got money, someone's no.

Children from different families are going to have different lives, it's a fact of life.

Some children will have big apartments, expensive fancy cars and designer clothes without earning any of it, some children will struggle to have food to eat.

Is it fair? Not at all.

Is it life ? Absolutely.


C'est la vie.

Can't do anything about it.

If you suggest that we annihilate social classes - that'd be communism.

And THAT'd be even more unfair, because the parents worked for what they got.

They have a right to use the money they earned to give their children the lives they feel they should have. It'd be unfair to make everyone live the same life and raise their children the same way, that wouldn't be fair to the parents.

It's not fair to the children because they can't choose the family they're born in, but that's a natural part of life - different circumstances for everyone.

Those kids have a chance to work, earn money, and change their lives, maybe give their children a better youth than they had.

To make it short - it's unfair, but such is life.

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Cuaroc(8825) Clarified
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careful that one is mentally unstable.

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