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Should teens need parental consent to have an abortion?


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Absolutely! I think the only exception that could be made is if maybe there was some documented cases of abuse... if it was obvious that a parent would abuse the child if they new she was pregnant. Having said that I am against abortion in most cases.

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a teen is not a adult yet for a reason they dont have the capabilty to reason like a adult and because of this they parents should be there to gave consent

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It is imperative that a pregnant teen obtain permission from her parents to have an abortion.

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Abortion should be illegal because it is murder. You are killing a child!

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I personally think that no one should have an abortion(Unless its a rape situation) because if your grown enough to have sex, then you should be grown enough to face the consequences

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Should teens need parental consent to carry a pregnancy to term?

WTF. The parents didn't decide to have sex, the kid did. And ultimately, it is the kid/teen who will deal with the lifelong consequences of whatever choice she makes, not the parents.

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Nope because they will have to deal with the consequences they get to make the decision. And the parent already made the mistake of not telling the child about protected sex so it there fault in the first place.

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Parents don't tell their children about protection in sex(probably because they don't believe in premarital sex)


Parents that don't believe in abortion


they ruin their kid's life

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