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Should the 2016 Summer Olympics be brought to Chicago?

Chicago, Illinois, USA is one of the finalists for the Summer Olympics in 2016. There has been a lot of controversey over whether Chicago should get it or not. Many say that Chicago would benefeit economically from it, while others say it would disrupt the everyday lives of Chicagoans.


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The Olympics have not been brought to the midwest since the 1900's. It is long overdue, and what better city to do it! With one of the top skylines, views, food, people, places, entertainment, diversity, Chicago is the place to be. Although the home of Barack Obama, Chicago is still a great city.

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I cannot imagine an Olympics without some disruption to the town or city inhabitants! Perhaps Chicago knows best how much its territory can be given up to the village and events of the games and perhaps they know it better than we do. I would like to see it happen right here in the USA and in Chicago. I believe it would be a feather in their proverbial cap and generate enough cash to be worth its while. In the meanwhile, think of what it would do for good will and reputation. I say yes to the Olympics being held in Chicago and its environs. I think there would be no better time to hold them there than during the second term of our President, Barack Obama. I'd also love to see him open the games or be the person who lights the final flame there.

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