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Should the Catholic Church be charged with crimes against humanity?

Should the Cathloic Church be charged with crimes against humanity?  After all, innumerable wars have been waged in its name, it gave birth to the crusades, and (less severely) harbors countless pedophiles and child abusers.

Yes, they should.

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No, why would you ask that?

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Crimes against humanity is a charge generally levied against a nation. The Catholic Church, with its dogma and rules that believers are expected to follow, operates much like a shadow government, or government with no boundaries. It has a hierarchy and enforces those rules upon its members.

Therefore, when we say that the Church must be held accountable, we mean that as part of a centralised body of law and authority, it must be held accountable for edicts it makes which violate human rights and which may be construed as crimes against humanity.

It doesn't matter if, as some here have argued, the church is built up of believers most of whom did nothing offensive. As an authoritative body, those who ordered silence on matters of child abuse, those who knowingly spread misinformation with the intent to harm their followers, and those who ordered the extermination of other peoples must be held accountable for the same reason that we must hold governments accountable.

The following are crimes against humanity:

(a) Murder;

(b) Extermination;

(c) Enslavement;

(d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population;

(e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;

(f) Torture;

(g) Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;

(h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;

(i) Enforced disappearance of persons;

(j) The crime of apartheid;

(k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.

The Church has knowingly impeded efforts against, and has in fact served to assist in (g), that is to say it has concealed sexual abuse of children and facilitated the occurrence by transferring priests to new parishes.

The Church has engaged in (a),(f), and (h) during the middle ages. We know this as the Inquisition. It deprived individuals of their liberty, forced confessions through torture, and murdered them. The crime was heresy which meant it targeted individuals for different religious beliefs and cultural practices.

The Church has knowingly spread misinformation about condoms and HIV to African nations that would cause a spread of disease and much pain and misery amongst the populace. This would fall under (k) I believe.

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They are totally responsible for the poor condition of the countries today suppressing them

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yes,they catholic church is comletely responsible for the condition of the countries...

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Yes. We should do away with this outdated institution anyway. It has no place in modern society.

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The catholic church is much more than just another religious organization.

It is a political institution with a very powerful influence over the political affairs and social policies and practices in countries with a predominant catholic majority.

Most critically however, the catholic church is also a nation state which is subject to International Law one of which is the obligation of taking accountability or being held accountable for it's actions and policies that threaten or violate the dignity and wellbeing of human beings.

Supporting Evidence: One man explains it in a very straightforward manner! (
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The Church is a fraud that has endured since its inception at Nicaea in 325AD.

It turned its back on the real teachings of Christ, and purged all the mini-sects

that remained faithful. Its bloody history from that point is well documented.

I was brought up in three Catholic schools in the 1950s and 1960s. I wasn't

one of the kids anally raped, but I got a whole lot worse - psychic rape. It isn't

even considered a crime.

By charging the Church with crimes against humanity, the horror of it can be

thrashed out in public and legislation passed globally to outlaw this inbred law

unto itself. If Christ were to return, the first task on his egenda would be

clearing the Vatican of its vipers and hypocrites. The real crime of the Church

consists in substituting the means of salvation Christ promoted for one that has

no substance. Christ didn't die for our sins. There is no free lunch. Christ's own

words of advice - which the Church ignores but individuals do so at their peril -

were: Seek and you shall find. The truth will set you free.

The Church imprisoned me until I rebelled. It prevented me from knowing the

truth. The Church has a lot to answer for. And over the next three decades, it

will be brought to book. As we speak, the UN is taking the Church to the Inter-

national court in The Hague for crimes against humanity - mostly on the charges

of sustained cover-up of sex crimes against minors in their charge.

I predict that we're living the last decades of the biggest hoax in human history.

With it gone, we can rediscover the lost teachings of Christ.

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I wonder if LilDon would care to elaborate on his comments at right. I didn't

quite get it the first time. I lost the plot after the third line.

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I agree with what thunderbolt said.

Pope Benedicts Lawyers had asked US President George W. Bush to declare the pontiff immune from liability in a lawsuit that accuses him of conspiring to cover up the molestation of three boys by a seminarian in Texas, court records show.

The Vatican's embassy in Washington sent a diplomatic memo to the State Department on May 20 requesting the US government grant the pope immunity because he is a head of state, according to a May 26 motion submitted by the pope's lawyers in US District Court for the Southern Division of Texas in Houston.

Joseph Ratzinger is named as a defendant in the civil lawsuit. 2005/08/17/1123958097061.html

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Let's just say that if it could be charged, then every single other religion will have to be charged too. The past should be forgotten, and the crimes in the present are only committed by the minority which is not representative nor the epitome of the religion itself and what it advocates.

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aveskde(1935) Disputed
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Let's just say that if it could be charged, then every single other religion will have to be charged too. The past should be forgotten, and the crimes in the present are only committed by the minority which is not representative nor the epitome of the religion itself and what it advocates.

Few religions have as strict a hierarchy as the Catholic Church. More importantly, The Church functions much like a government, and forgetting the past is not consistent with how we have dealt with other Nations who have histories of crimes against humanity.

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Satakshi(95) Disputed
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forgetting the past won't change the still remains-the catholic church SHOULD be charged with crimes against humanity

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I do not exactly agree with you, but I simultaneously don't believe you deserved to get downvoted, so I took the liberty to up vote you.


My only issue with your argument is that you believe we should forget the past crimes. I think not. The crusades are in fact, unable to be acted upon with justice, but that doesn't imply there should be negligence for remembering such occurences. The whole pedophile epidemic should be brought to justice on an individual level, not the entire religion/establishment.


Note that the majority of this argument is a reinforcement of your argument.

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1) The Catholic church did'nt commit any crime,nor did the church promote or condone any type of associal behavior by anyone within their influence. 2) Child abuse is the antithesis of church dogma.

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aveskde(1935) Disputed
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1) The Catholic church did'nt commit any crime,nor did the church promote or condone any type of associal behavior by anyone within their influence. 2) Child abuse is the antithesis of church dogma.

You never heard of Crimen sollicitationis?

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This is ridiculous. One cannot condemn an entire religion.

I must assert that it is not the religion that has committed the crimes it is the person within it. I must also highlight that other religions have caused wars and other people within religions have committed crimes and yet Catholics are the only religion to be condemned?! How is that fair?!

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Separation of church and state. Besides, you would have to try every Catholic that ever lived.

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Only a part of the Church did crime against humanity; most of Catholics today wouldn't even approve of the Crusades and most of those crimes against humanity the Church had did in the past

The thing about the Church's disapproval to condom wear, is that it's an article of faith, a Canon rule, that you mustn't eliminate the possibility of conception in an intercourse, if you think about it, wouldn't just stopping the sexual intercourses happening there stop the spread the HIV? (I know it must be hard, but its better than inheriting your virus to the next generation)

And about sexual scandals happening in the Church's clergy, I'm convinced that anything those particular persons do are their fault, not the Church's (except if those reports of the higher-ups of the Church moving such priests after their crimes are revealed are confirmed)

And I do think that location matters here, those sexually deviant priests are only found in areas affected by the "Sexual Revolution" of the 60's, that must have affected them in their upbringing, not the seminary education (note that in my parish in the Jakartan satellite town of Tangerang, there haven't been any reports of such priests, and I haven't heard about those reports in the whole of Indonesia's Catholic Church either)

That's what led my 15-year-old mind to support the view I took, please respond, criticise me, put up counter-arguments ,etc. in a demeanor that you think a 15-year-old like me deserve to receive

Thank you

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if i were in the church of which i am i would say that the it is the clerics that should be charged and not the church there have been many atrocities in the name of the catholic church but did our holy mother mary or christ or our lord god advocate them i think not, my group regularly debate peadophelia in the name of the church and we said there is no place for the perportrayers of this heinous crime but we finally came to the view with lots of debating praying ad thinking that god shall see them and whether they want to or not they shall be spending time with the dark lord judeus and with christ as he takes them into eternity with the question 'why?' and from him that would be enough for anyone should it not yet in this world there is an undenyable thirst for revenge of which this debate is about. And from every living person there should be the question 'why?', from the new born babe to those on the edge of life, when speaking to somebody that has been abused we wonder of the affects of the mind of those bodies that have bee used and yet all i can say too them is' i do not know why this has been done too you, but we can try to make you feel better, if that is okay'. To end instead of talking we should all try to take an active role too end it.

thankyou for listening

please respond and i shall endevour too listen

mark and jay

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and with Him i will NEVER fall, because with my Brother, I will always Hear His Call. i say we but it is Him, who say these words to in the hopes, that those who have an Ear to listen may never Fall, into the Pit, all you have to do is have Faith, Follow The Ten, Believe, and never EVER Quit, for in order to gain His All Perfect and Good Graces, we have to eliminate ALL the Hate and evil, in all sorts of places, i have a feeling this song was wrote long before, just in His mind and now in mine, and i sing His song in the Hopes, that you follow Him and not any of these "popes" for no hope lies in them, lol and if you truly think aboutit that actually rhymed, just know that im thinking of Him, foremost, but ya'll too as i steadily write This Rhyme, it comes from above yup, Straight From the Divine, in the Hopes that one day ya'll can SEE, exactly it was that we was missing, so we can All fly over the sea. Man this thing is long but i should Say God, because this is His Rhyme, and not from a sod, like me or you, if you real you can feel its True, as His Sword aims at the hearts of His good, flying Straight and Through, lol i mean True, but them if you can follow my friend, all we gotta do is sing Praises and Thanksgiving to Him, until the very end, and give Him all of our love, Because WITHOUT HIM, ha There WOULD BE NO LOVE, all there would be is pain and suffering, and i hope that the ones who are, suffer, i mean acating, Might actually stop and take the time to sit there and be debating, against the devil of course, cuz all it wants to do is, lead us, right, or left, but straight off our course. Lord Please Forgive me, if i am being coarse just know that i am your back, and You Are My Horse, lol ya'll might think He's heavy but He's really not, and i Love Him till Death, i mean Life, cuz i have found It, but back to the point, because i HE HAS TAUGHT, never went to church or none of that, maybe when i was younger but none of that, for our minds our are churches, ha gotit backwards but i feel as tall as the burches, talking bout them trees man im over the seas man, just know i cant, wait, My Father, until You Kick Over My Can Man x) aw man i thoughit was funny, because he's One Cool Dude, and i am His, Bunny, i mean Collie, and know that as i, i mean He, but as i bark, that i have a Strong feeling, that i am playing my Part, or His i prefer the latter but the choice is yurs, because it is His Puzzle, and i am the last part, i cant be for certain because the Knowledge is His, but im just trying to bring His Black Sheep back, you know i mean His KIDS, He thoughtit was funny, But ya'll best Believe that He NOR i the first comes first, but neither one of us is No, pause, Dummy, lol but if you choose you can beat and bite, whatever you do just know it is out of spite, and i dont capitilize because its an evil word, just know me and HIM, are trying to end this wrongful blight, and saying these words i Hope that maybe, just maybe some can be given the Sight, that HE intended us to have, right, from Go, talking bout monopoly,lol but no no more, from the start maaaan all HE ever wanted was us to give our heart, which is HIS, because He gave to us, All that is HIS, HE just Wanted someone to talk to man, thats why HE made HIS Kids, HE was all alone, and then HE built, a Beautiful place for us, and HIM, to walk and talk all the while, just laughing and talking, seeing eachother smile =) because HE is our FATHER, He's not as mean ha as ya'll would believe, just know that HE TRULY IS ONE BENEVOLENT KING. lol ha ha i think this is funny, He knows what im talking about, cuz this is all of the top of the dome with barely a second to pause, Just Know the THE LION KING, Has Opened HIS Claws, Blessed be the children who took the time to listen, to the message that a, and The King is steadily dishin, i say a because i am one too, but know that im a servant, and from a Seed i did Grew, i dont care if it makes no sense to ya'll because i have heard the Lords Call, and they, they know who they are, are always listening, and as He types, through, me i have a feeling they are about to call, Prayer is the Best Wireless Connection X) aint no service down here got that type of Connection, i just hope that i get to see some of ya'll at that intersection, i mean Crossroads, bone thugz n harmony, they said it first, man thats the song man and if you feel their soul, then maybe you should hurt, because those bois on the streets back in the day, all they was doing was searching for some Peace, but in the streets, the oppressors, following the devil, have no love for us in the slums, just know that we All have a Holster and God Is our Gun, we dont need no metal, for The Lord our issues HE will settle, all you gotta do is Have some Faith, saying this in hope that some dont see any wraiths, talking demons people come now and please listen, as the Lord spits his song and these Words HE is dishin, out yup you getting it word of mouf, lol or mouth whichever you prefer just DONT follow that lowly snake, yup the one down south, it might try and offer pleasure and happiness butits all fake, HA what do ya'll expect from a lowly snake? remeber eve as she sat under that tree? sitting there thinking and feeling the breeze? the snake spoke in her Ear temptation it did bring, and after teel me WHO did she fear? she had a split second of happiness and thats all it can give, and after that she felt the WRATH which is ONLY HIS, lol i hope that ya'll see, the way we live people, it just wasn't meant to be, i have a feeling that there all up there laughing, with, not at me as i type out His message, and i pray ALMIGHTY FATHER, THE ONES WHO HAVE AN EAR TO LISTEN PLEASE FATHER PLEASE LET THE HEAR. and the ones who dont i pray you dont hit him hard, maybe just a little tap, just like Babe Ruth, on that baseball card x) Peace be with you my sisters and brothers, just know that HIS LOVE IS LIKE NO OTHER, GOD BLESS ALL WHO FINISHED, AND I PRAY YOUR SOULS NEVER, DIMINISH. ONE HEART IS ALL, AND WITH THAT HEART WE CAN NEVER FALL, lol i said i was finished, but i dont think HE is as you can tell this words are not mine, THEY COME FROM THE UPPER BEING, yup THE DIVINE!!! i think im going to cut Him short and please Forgive me, because i know HE could go all day, BECAUSE I CAN FEEL HIM IN ME.

Side: No, why would you ask that?