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Should the Catholic Church be worried about its future?


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Yes, but it should also be worried about its past and present.

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With so much bureaucratic corruption being exposed, combined with the power of the internet, im surprised that the Church is still whole.

Maybe the new pope will turn its back from the Church and listen to the voice of the people and really bring renewal unto the laity

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There is too much competition out there and organized religion is decreasing.

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I know for sure that Roman Catholics are very concerned about the future of the Catholic Church.

This is normal. - The more the Catholic Church falls apart - the more evidence is shown that the Bible is true and its message as written in the original manuscripts were true - the more evident it becomes that the Popes and Priests were not given the authority to change and add to the scriptures.

Nor given authority by God as the same authority as scriptures. it is a generational thing.

*( One Catholics mother or father is also a daughter or a son }

Instinctive nature demands natural instinct human - nature - that most people love and care deeply for their mother and father. Roman Catholics love their mothers and fathers just like everyone else.

How can a child bear the reality that everything their Catholic mother or father taught them was complete - a total lie. It is impossible to bear.

Catholics are very dedicated, very passionate about their religion and how it is important that The Bible be seen in the scope, contact, lens that they have created for many centuries.

This is a spiritual struggle as well as a day to day natural physical struggle.

There are enough loving, caring honest and hard-working, dedicated Catholics today to carry on the tradition of the Church on into the next 1000 years.

And enough open and passionate enemies today and tomorrow - who hate Gods word and His people that are available for The Catholic society to push into the path of Bible believers who oppose and disagree with The Catholic ideology and faithset. Stumble onward.

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Nah, there'll always be idiots.

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