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Should the IHC be allowed to create massive hysteria like they are?

Just look at their website, it is saying that no matter what, life as we know it will end in 2012! This is just like the Y2K idea of 2000! Should the government allow them to create widespread panic or should they be censored?

Here is their website:


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Hellz no!

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However, this website should be integrated as part of a mandatory test that every internet user must take to renew their internet license.

Failure to identify that site as promotional material for an upcoming movie would lower your test score. Similarly, forwarding chain emails would also make you lose a few points.

If you fail the test, your internet license would then be suspended until you take the test again. Additionally, you would have 30 days to attempt to renew your breeding license, if you have one.

It's the only way to be sure.

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i have yet to see any evidence that the IHC is creating "massive hysteria"

can you post any evidence to support your argument

in any event, i think the correct antidote to "incorrect" speech is not censorship but correct counter speech

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I haven't seen any evidence of it either. They've been talking about 2012 for years now and guess what...we're just going to have to wait and see what happens. Wait, let me get my Nostradamus predictions!

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This is a website promoting a movie.

"© 2009 Sony Pictures Digital, Inc.", "Explore the 2012 Movie Experience", and the giant disclaimer, all at the bottom of the page, gave it away for me.

I always look for that kind of stuff, the legal things always ruin good fake websites. :)

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attn Frenchchieak:

good tip, good idea

i, too, will start looking at this kinda stuff

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If people are stupid enough to believe them, then they can go for it. Free speech applies to all speech, even stupid speech. It's not overtly violent or profane, and there's no good reason not to let them incite all the hysteria they can!

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I think that of all the things the government does censor that they shouldn't, this is not one of them. This is definitely something that should be censored. There is no backing up for this "idea" and there is no reason for the government to allow this sort of thing to get out unless they back up the idea.

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pvtNobody(645) Disputed
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In case you hadn't picked up on it, this is a an advertising ploy for the movie 2012 or whatever it's called.

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Dude! Are you serious?! Like for reals?! OMG! I feel retarded now! I seriously thought that the IHC was an actual organization! I mean they never once mentioned the movie on their website!


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Prevaricate(57) Disputed
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attn Altarion

do you have any functional understanding of the US Constitution?

just because someone or some organization put forwards ideas that may be incorrect or even false, there is no just cause for censorship

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Blah, I'm not sure how many people are hysterical about the whole thing, but I'm sure that some are.

My only problem is that from what I've seen they don't divulge the fact that they're are just promoting a movie. I don't know if that should be illegal... like can you put an add in the paper for a new car, when the car is used?

Not sure, but I think it's along the same lines as that.

Granted, one would have to be pretty damn stupid to fall for this particular misrepresentation.

Either way, it's a sure sign of a terrible movie when they need to depend on the paranoia and stupidity of the general public in order to sell any tickets, and I'm not gonna watch it.

Side: sign of a bad movie

It doesn't matter anymore because it is now 2015 and the world did not end in 2012.

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