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Should the Jyllands-Posted Muhammad cartoons be banned?


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They are only cartoons. So what if it offends the they care if they offend me?

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It offends my sense of decency that someone thinks that he has a right to kill someone for blasphemy. I think anyone who thinks he can take a life on such grounds should be charged for hate speech (for saying so) and life imprisonment if he tries to act on it.

The 3 Abrahamic religions offend me in general with all their immoral statements and self-righteousness but I dont think that gives me a right to ban them.

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Banned? I would say no, I see cartoons that make fun of all kinds of religions. Why should their religion be exempt?

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As my ally, FredCDobbs, said - they can say anything about us, why can't we criticize them?

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