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Yes, he's adorable. No, he's horrid.
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Should the Obamas accept this dog?

A canine club in Peru offered a solution Tuesday to one of US president-elect Barack Obama's most pressing dilemmas: where to find a White House dog suitable for his allergic daughter.

"We sent a letter to the (Peruvian) embassy in the United States offering a Peruvian hairless dog for Obama," Claudia Galvez, president of the Association of Friends of Hairless Dogs of Peru (AFHDP), told AFP.

Yes, he's adorable.

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No, he's horrid.

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Well, why not? He is certainly unusual looking with no hair and children often grow out of the dog/cat hair allergies the more they are exposed to them. I don't know what type of allergy she has so I don't really know if they could take that risk but why not take this little guy, if that's the only thing they can have, train him and let him be the "First Dog." He's probably the first dog to be in the White house with no hair so we have a bunch of firsts to start off with.

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I like the Peruvian Hairless Dog but why do people care about what type of dog the Obama's are bringing into the White House? That in my opinion should be the least of anyones worries. We should be focusing on the issues and what kind of change he trying to bring the country instead.Personally what kind of dog they are bringing into the White House will not make the gas prices any lower so I can drive to and from to work and bring down my house payments.

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I totally agree! That's what made me make this debate... the whole big deal about what type of dog the Obamas will get. How ridiculous to waste precious public face-time talking about household pets when our country's gone to heck!

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I don't care. Normally when I don't care, I just ignore a debate. But I just want you to know just how much I don't care. I mean, I really really don't care.

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Per you wikipedia article:

"Peruvian Hairless dogs are affectionate with family but wary of strangers."

I don't think that would fly at the White House. Also, I took a look and that isn't a very attractive dog. I think the Obama's should get a Yorkie.

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NO! I want him!

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Jamais, why do you want a little hairless, toothless dog? Just curious. Myself, I'd rather have something a bit more robust.

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Robust is good - I would love to have a Newfoundland too.

But this hairless looks like my pooch - without all the little white eyelash hairs on my couch or black sweater.

Really to me it doesn't matter what it looks like - a dog with a nice personality is the thing.

I know if I looked like that, I'd really try and highlight my personality!!!

Side: No, he's horrid.