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Should the US switch to the metric system of measurement?


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Yes, to my knowledge no other country uses the system. It would make tradeing easier. But the only problem is that it would be a Meticulous process.

We would have to change EVERYTHING. all our tools, all our food lables everything.

Should we yes, but can we, probably not without some issues.

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Would be about time to catch up.

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Appeals to modernism are empty. If everyone jumped off an etc?

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So are your responses.

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Yes. It is more scientifically correct. :)

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Metric is purported to have two advantages: first, that conversion between types of measurements is seamless; the relationship between a meter and a liter is 1-1. This is the real, actual benefit to the metric system. Second, that math is easier because it's a slave to the base-ten system. This is retarded. For one thing, we can, and do, measure things as ".0957 inches" and gain the exact same benefit. But ten is a bullshit number, and we only use it so much because it's how many meaty its hang off our disgusting hands. It's irrational and we need to move past it.

The benefit of imperial is that it tends to use numbers more easily divisible. Twelve is a more useful number than ten. Sixteen is a more useful number than ten. Eight is a more useful number than ten. The major reason nobody liked measuring time in "centidays" is because sixty is an indispensable unit.

Imperial has issues and I won't say otherwise, but switching to another flawed system would be useless when we could make the effort to come up with a new system and perfect it.

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Otter(15) Disputed
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Come up with a new system? If anything your idea is flawed, not the metric system. You would have to get this approved by every federal leader. Make the effort, to come up with a new system, sure... but do you really think a government will take the time to do something like this?

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It would be too confusing to Americans who are use to ounces, pounds, quarts, and gallons.

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