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Should the U.S. build islands like China?


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Yes, we should build one in front of the Mar-a-Lago resort and also in front of Trump Tower, and we should make both of them sanctuaries for all kinds of immigrants.

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While Grenache lives safely in his middle class white neighborhood.

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Truthfully, The United States probably already does.

Besides that, some of these aircraft carriers.......

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China has a major overpopulation problem, which I imagine is the reason they are doing this. Since the U.S. has no such problem I don't see why they would need to.

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marcusmoon(586) Disputed
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China has a major overpopulation problem, which I imagine is the reason they are doing this.

Actually, the Chinese manmade islands are not for residential or tourist purposes (like in Dubai).

The Islands China is building in the South China Sea are strategic military bases. This has to do with disputes over who owns the territory, and China is using the islands both to assert the claim of ownership, and to establish a military presence that can enforce the assertion.

Other claimants of portions of the South China Sea include Viet Nam, Philippines, and Japan.

Considering that two of these are close allies of the US, it makes sense that China wants a strong military-backed claim.

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WinstonC(1230) Clarified
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Interesting, I'll have to look into this further.

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logicaljoe(529) Clarified
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LOL winston. Sorry, I had a chuckle at that one. No, China is not building islands to help with their population control. In fact, China's population will be shrinking very soon because they are already have low fertility rates not enough to maintain it's population so in a couple decades, it will top off and then after that will decline dramatically every decade after.

There are other countries that you need to be more concerned about with overpopulation. By 2100, Nigeria will have 1 billion people, Pakistan will have 1 billion and Indonesia will have 1 billion, and those countries are small compared to the land size of China.

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The US has to stop building military bases around the world. They already have over 800 around the world with 250,000 troops deployed/stationed.

China has built 1 island in the South China sea, and America is all up in arms about it? Talk about taking the plank out of your own eye before judging the speck in someone else's.

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