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Should the U.S. join, oppose, or ignore Russia? What about Syria?

Trump has vowed to "bomb the shit out of Isis."  Taking that into consideration, what do you think the U.S. position should be?
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I'm sitting at the keyboard trying to think of a good way to put this and also debating in my mind our conundrum with Russia.

Bombing the shit out of Isis, while it sounds like an easy solution, doesn't mean it is the best solution. Part of me wants to say "YES" but then I think of the innocent lives that could be caught in the crossfire. The best way to make additional enemies is to show no empathy or concern to those who are innocent and killed. So I'd like to know what this "bombing the shit out of Isis" actually entails. I know if it were me, I would be mighty pissed if my family was just written off as a casualty of war because someone decided the entire town needed to die to get rid of a few extremists. This is simply an example of course but I think war and death need to be taken very seriously and not just "made easier".

Russia....we can't ignore it but we can't take it on either. I genuinely don't know what to do about Russia.

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It's an interesting question and it asks many more as in ; the US is undoubtably a military superpower so does it have a duty to eradicate and bomb groups like ISIS ?

If so does it not also have a duty to " bomb the shit out of " countries like North Korea where its reputed the regime allowed a million citizens die through famine ?

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The US should oppose Russia when Russia takes direct action against the USA (like influencing our elections).

When Russia stirs the pot in other parts of the world we should support our allies so they either don't become prey to Russia or so they can use their will and might (or NATO's will and might) to oppose Russia.

Regarding Syria, we screwed those in the popular revolt when they needed us and now our opportunity is gone with the exception of continuing to crush ISIS anywhere and anytime we can. But we're not going to succeed in dislodging Russia or unseating the Syrian tyrant when our best chance to do either was long long ago.

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Obama has been "bombing the shit out of ISIS" the way it should be done ... discriminately! But, HE is a "thinking person", not an arrogant "my way or the highway" guy. That's why we have lost FEW Americans on his watch. That's why we didn't get into a nuclear war (which NOBODY can win!) during his watch! He was correct, ISIS is a jayvee team ... when compared the Nazis, Japs, Russians and Chinese. We can't just go in and kill until they stop, and whomever gets in the way, sorry. Killing for peace is like screwing for virginity. Running the Joint Chiefs without any military experience is total stupidity.

We cannot ignore Russia, we cannot "join Russia" (at least as long as Putin holds the reigns!). Syria? I just hope Mr. Trump uses some common sense and forgets about "Knowing more than the Generals"! If he doesn't,,... I will take this opportunity to say goodbye to all my friends, ... and enemies.

DBCooper(2194) Disputed
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Excuse me you win a war against an enemy by discriminately bombing them. Go back to WW2 the Japs were not bombed into submissive by discriminately bombing them. See the enemy defeat the enemy but that was not Barack Obama's view on war.

AlofRI(3160) Clarified
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Excuse me. In WW2 we did not have precise smart bombs, stealth fighters or drones. It was a different war! Also, there always have been questions about whether we should have used the A-Bomb. Japan was barely reachable with our longest range bombers, we had to do as much damage as possible when we got there. We can reach anywhere in the world today and they don't even know we are there until something blows up ... precisely what we WANT to blow up! We could barely reach Berlin and we HAD to "carpet bomb" for maximum damage when we DID get there. Obama's view on war is "get the bad guys", the others will be our friends! Trump seems to not give a DAMN if we have NO friends! He also thinks the world should reduce nuclear weapons ... worldwide... as Reagan did, NOT keep building MORE! We already have enough to destroy the whole world several times over! How many MORE times should we do it!?? ONCE is the only time you will remember ... if you are around to remember ANYTHING! I'll take a "thinking" Obama over an angry, arrogant hothead every time! ISIL is NOT worth a nuclear war! Good luck to us all!

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Ignore. We police the world enough already......................................................................