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Should the U.S support Israel?


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I believe we should support Israel because Israel supports the U.S.

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We should be supportive of all countries. Positive reinforcement, frequent compliments, and telling the other country how much they mean to you are all great ways to be supportive of other countries.

We should not be supporting any country in the sense that we are sending money or weapons or aid or troops to help them in a political, religious, and territorial dispute.

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Israel is ignorant,stubborn,and stupid. But they are surrounded by enemies, and they are a powerful ally( Israeli six-day-war). Even though my argument says yes, i somewhat disagree.

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No, Israel should fend for itself. Out job is to protect ourselves and preserve our liberty, not go around bombing the middle east while authoritarians back here ruin our country.

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This isn't really a problem with a binary solution; that is to say, the issue is much more complicated than saying "We will support these guys, and not those guys."

I firmly believe any subgroup that has enough support for itself to maintain a functional society has the right to self determination. Heck, if a group wanted to secede from the U.S., and all the people in the entire territory where they live wanted to secede as well, I would let them (given that I had the power to grant them that wish). Self determination is one of the most fundamental rights human beings have as part of our social contracts.

This is why I think Israel should be allowed to exist, as well as Palestine. Or, alternatively, Palestinians, if not given a sovereign state, should be allowed to represent themselves in their own country (i.e. be given the right to vote).

And ultimately this is why I dislike America's tunnel-limited vision of Israel's future; America seems to often blindly take the side of Israel rather than critically examine the relationship. I'm not saying we should cut off all aid or even any aid or suppor, but what I am saying is that Israel would probably benefit from a resolution of the conflict with Palestine, and therefore perhaps some critique's of Israel's policies are in order. America tries to be a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but too often America takes the side of Israel over Palestine without giving due consideration to Palestine's concerns.

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It is about time Israel protects itself instead of constantly crying out to big daddy, United States.

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No, nor Palestine either. America shouldn't even be involved in this mess, the only country outside of the Middle East with any kind of remote responsibility is perhaps Britain.

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No, Israel is doing far more wrong that Palestine is. The USA Does not even rank Palestine as a country for Gods sake! Today I spoke to someone who genuinely thought that Palestine was a city in Israel! This is not right, first they invade them, then go bombing them! Yes Hamas shouldn't bomb Israel either, but at the moment Israel is doing far, far more wrong. Far more Palestinians are being killed, and I think the US should intervene and acknowledge Palestine as a country in desperate need of help.

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Jungelson(3954) Clarified
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And for everyone saying the US shouldn't be involved, well fine. Britain maybe? I don't know, but someone needs to help Palestine at the moment, because no one is and they need it desperately.

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