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Should the United Nations be given more power?


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Of course they should. They won't. But they should. I think working towards a world community is a great thing, and I think the U.N., as a moderator for this global community, can't do all that it needs to do to ensure peace and equality.

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yes, but only so that they can act as a diterent to countrys that could harm the world as a whole, or places that are commiting certain crimes against humanity. they would have to leave some leg room for countrys to govern themselves for the most part to prevent a series of unending conflict

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The United Nations should be given more power to promote peace and stop war.

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Why would anyone want a foreigner to have more power over himself? Giving another entity more of one's sovereign power almost always ends badly.

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Giving more power to the United Nations would be a serious mistake because the eventual outcome will resemble a totalitarian regime over individual nations with no sovereignty.

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deepishm(357) Disputed
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you dont give united nations enough power........other power hungry countries will jump to the fore....the whole world happening will be an utter chaos at that time

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Actually, United Nations has caused more chaos since its creation. It is politically unstable.

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