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Should the children of criminals be given the death sentance


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No. I'm curious what brought this question on, can you explain?

In the past, and in some ....backwards (That may be too harsh a word).... cultures, family members have been punished for the crimes of their kin or parent, but unless they actively took part in said crime they shouldn't bear the burden of the criminal.

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Nomoturtle(856) Clarified
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It's an argument I heard regarding abortion, when aborting the child of a rapist. I've always thought that abortion should be allowed for such circumstances, but also came across this and thought it an interesting argument. It's posited in a way that no liberal would disagree with, inherited sin is obviously wrong. I think the reason most people agree with aborting children of rape is because of the lack of consent from the mother, and that's certainly valid.

But I also rarely see any credence given to the position of the child being aborted, so this argument seemed quite offputting to me. From the child's perspective, it is a child born from an immoral action, but why should they suffer or be killed for that? They had no choice in the matter either.

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Mint_tea(4644) Clarified
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Interesting argument for it. In regards to rape I would argue that forcing the woman to continue with her pregnancy would be kin to torture. Yet again, she is being denied rights to her own body by someone else and is denied the right to say no. While no child has a choice in being born and is innocent from the sins of the parent (in this case the rapist), there is another will at power here and that is of the Mother.

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Should the children of criminals be given the death sentance

What an absolutely absurd question. That would wipe out the entire population of Australia.

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😂😂 Your work here is done 👌..........................................

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I always read such kinds of articles and this was one of them to keep share more blogs like this.

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No. My father to my knowelege was never convicted, but he was a criminal. Why do I have to die. It is between Yeshua, and me.

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