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Should the government use free software?

Yes, everyone should benefit

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No, use what's best

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Definitely yes. First of all free software (see link below) has no entry costs for any user, so everyone can have access to it. Not only consumers, but also companies benefit since any of them can develop or maintain it, it doesn't favor a particular producer.

Moreover, since the source code is always available and can be freely modified, it guarantees that the software never becomes obsolete as long as somebody uses it.

Side: Yes, everyone should benefit

First off, I don't see a link anywhere on the debate template or your post! Secondly the Government should use what is best for it's tasks. Free stuff is wonderful and my programming is 99% freeware but software is only as good as its updates allow it to be. For the governments purposes these need to be automatic and not left in the hands of someone who is too busy to have to look to see if there is one. I should think that the government would need software that is protected in some way from breaking into or hacking lest something go wrong. Do you have any idea how much the Federal Governemnt spends on Software on a yearly basis?

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why would they use the free stuff when they have the money and the power to say hay give me your software and ill make you well known so they can have the best i don't think they would chose the worst

Side: No, use what's best