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He SHOULD Murdering the homeless is GOOD
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Should the murderer who murdered a guy on the subway, be charged with murder?




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Murdering the homeless is GOOD

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Yes killing someone mean a murder charge.

They are going on about killers walking free and New York not sending killers to jail.

People who kill should go to jail, homeless or Veteran.

They complain about justice being perverted but they are bending the law themselves when it suits them.

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1) Leftists have killed people in cold blood and held people hostage at gunpoint. You made no debate because you're a bigot, and those killed "had it coming" for not having your politics.

2) If you find out the killer was a Democrat, you'll avoid this topic forever from now on, and we all know it.

3) The guy had a history of violence, witnesses said he was threatening them, and your first instinct is to call the other man a murderer. My first instinct, regardless of the killer's politics is to see all of the evidence. Yours isn't because you're a full time bigot and a raving piece of shit. You're no fucking different than white supremacists, Nazis, terrorists, mass shooters etc. If people like you and them didn't exist, the world would be a merrier place.

Side: Murdering the homeless is GOOD