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Should the prices for tickets be based on passengers' body weights?

Just curious but do you think airlines should charge a fixed price for people who do not exceed a specific body weight? And assuming that Passenger X is heavier than the fixed price standard, should she be charged extra simply because she is overweight? What do you think? Do you think promoting practices like these are legally and ethically wrong?


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Yeah, I like watching all the Vegans that weigh 2 pounds come here and protest against fracking... its very amusing.

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I'm answering no the Debate title question.

I'm answering yes to the description question.

Do you think promoting practices like these are legally and ethically wrong?

Yes they are legally wrong. It's a form of discrimination on something that people are often not completely in control of.

Ethically, I guess it would come to what the people think. I would think it's ethically bad, because as I said with the legality issue, some people can't control their weight is be unfair to make them pay more, and it'd be a waste of time to make them show you a whole list of doctor's notes proving they are not in control of their weight.

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No, some are heavily built - some people have heavier bones and muscles, naturally than other people.

Being heavily built naturally shouldn't play a role in anything - I am not talking about obesity, but we can't say those who are heavier cause of eating problems should pay more, that's unreasonable.

Also, what if one plane is full of anorexics? Then they probably didn't get enough money to pay for the flight.

And Imagine how the adds would look like - LIMITED OFFER - flight to Paris and back home, 10$ pr. pound.

Also, imagine if everyone just started starving themselves before a vacation? That wouldn't be very healthy.

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Just what the actual fuck?

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