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Should the state force a woman to keep her fetus?

I am prochoice and think that women have a right to choose.


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I think you are going in the right direction here.

People who advocate that abortion be legal should make a more concerted effort to appeal to the conservative mindset. (Power of the state, etc.)

I think one route is to use the language of self-defense - pregnancy always poses a risk of harm to the mother and therefore she should have a right to self-defense.

For people willing to have a longer discussion, it is worth pointing out that it is not a simple issue. I put together a sample of the relevant questions here.

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If we are to consider this debate from the point of view upon civil rights, liberties and freedoms then the answer is clearly No.

Legally, physically, morally, ethically, emotionally and socially there would be so many precedents it would be impossible to protect both the mother and child equally.

Who of us has the right to judge a woman, parent, couple or family if they choose or need to have an abortion and who of us has the right to question their decision that is never made lightly and who of us has suffered the grief of having to terminate an unborn.

Decision makers in law who have most likely never been placed in this situation should morally extend their compassion and empathy to those who are in this position.

Each situation needs to be assessed properly on its merits by all concerned the parents, family, medical advisors etc, and sometimes bringing all the forces to play can prevent a termination if the parent /s are given the proper support. Not always the case, but it does work sometimes.

Then there are times when a termination is inevitable due to massive medical issues for mother or child, in cases of rape, etc etc.

So if the side of this argument of force was to be done through making terminations illegal would a very bad idea, because a ban would simply send entirely the wrong message and promote the industry of underground illegal abortionists with the potential for untold harm.

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I don't think the State has the right to force a woman to keep her fetus.

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