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Should the wearing of hoodies be criminalized?



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Nothing wrong with the garment but some of the people making comments should be criminalized. ex-bitch girlfriend, sleeping, etc. Sounds like a 15 yr old talking. People should not be allowed in any business establishment wearing a hoodie cause the video camera cannot record the face. Of course, impossible to enforce so get rid of them.

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I think ski masks might be more appropriate (if you're not skiing) but hoodies are just worn around because they look cool and are useful in many ways:

sleeping in class

listening to your Ipod in class

keeping the rain off of you

keeping the wind out of your face

hiding yourself from a bitch ex-girlfriend

criminals also wear sunglasses when robbing people. should we ban those too?

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NO ! I love wearing hoodies and who wears a hoodie like tht in public . Sure if you wanted to comit a crime then you might wear a hoodie . If it is cold and you want to look good then you'll wear a hoodie not all people should be punished if a few bad people want a few bucks .

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This would be similar to criminalizing blacks in the 1800's or something because the look like they are going to do bad things. We should try to stop criminals from committing crimes from deterrents (jail, fines, criminal records) and by stopping any actions that will lead to a crime more often than not. Hoodies do not mean the person will commit a crime

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Argento(512) Disputed
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I don't think the analogy is a good one to be honest. Criminalizing black people on the basis of their skin color is quite different to criminalizing the wearing of a garment by people of any race and skin color.

There is a point where a certain garment becomes a lot more than just a garment. The hoodie has been used by many criminals to disguise their faces when committing a crime. So in a sense, it has become a "uniform" for criminals. It is no longer just a stylistic choice.

The balaclava for example, might be a garment for someone working in the North Pole, but is it as innocent if you see someone wearing it in a shopping center?

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MKIced(2506) Disputed
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"but is it as innocent if you see someone wearing it in a shopping center?"

No, but that doesn't mean we should criminalize it. Living in a free society, it is completely unfair to tell the people that they can't wear something just because some people abuse the garment. Instead, when somebody enters a store concealing his face, you should keep an eye on him and catch him in the act. It's much better to catch somebody in the act- more jail time. :p

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It's a good way to keep warm when it gets cold. ..... .. .. . . ....

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The idea is debatable on both sides, but personally I think the idea of criminalizing the use of hoods is simply asinine. There are certain issues which are looked over in most societies. But we don’t see the act of torture being criminalized when it’s used by government officials. People who plan on committing crimes will find rather meticulous ways of getting what they want. Preventing the use of hoods will actually do little to effectively stop them. If it’s crime we want to stop then we should concentrate on other ways of doing that, like better police force and defense system. Besides hoods aren’t always used for stylizing oneself, they are also used in parts of the world where the cold might just get too unbearable. If we aren’t banning hoodies in these countries, it would silly to ban it in others.

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No. Why should I give up my wearing of hoodies for some stupid people? It's another form of discrimination. Associating hoodies with bad behavior and violence is wrong.

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Someone has taken my post away! I've written the brain trust about it but still no answer. That's a shame that they can do this without an explanation of some kind.

Hoodies have been around since I was a kid in the 50's, why brand them as an item of clothing with an agenda? You might just as well criminalize, scarves, sunglasses, bandanas and ski-masks. It's a bit ridiculous to do so.

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i say NOOO because hoodies are not always used for bad things...Like people not that be criticized just because they are wearing a hoodie.! I always wear hoodies but that doesn't mean that I'm going to rob a bank or go kill somebody.! people always think hoodies are used for crime but their not they are used for good and i think people need to understand that about it.!!!

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Hoodies are just clothing attire and should not be banned.

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Well, all I can say is the founding fathers would be pretty pissed off if you banned a fashion. I honestly don't think that's why they got into that whole mess in the first place.

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