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 Should there be a minimal amount of time dating before the proposal? (3)

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Should there be a minimal amount of time dating before the proposal?

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If you were to ask that after my divorce, I would have said hell yes. Should there be counseling from a weird lady wearing a strange rag on her head with a crystal ball? Hell yes. But in general, not really ( unless there are financial reasons involved). Just long enough to really get to know how they really are. If you're upfront and real at the start instead of phony, you can get a real idea of how compatible you are with that person, and if they're really the one for you. Yes, I've been divorced but since then had a successful marriage. You never really get to know everything about somebody until after you're married. Trust me on that one. That's Dr. Steve's advice for the day. I feel a bit mother Theresa-ish (LMAO). Did my daily good deed. Hope that helps.

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Sorry. I forgot for a few minutes we are on a debate site, and not "dear Abby". It sounded kind of lame, huh?

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While all relationships are different, I think it would be safe to say that proposing after dating for just one day would be a silly thing to do. Marriage is a huge commitment and you need to be absolutely sure that whoever you're dating is right for you. To make sure of this, you will obviously need to spend a lot of time with them.

This 'time' spent is different for every couple. Some might date for years before a proposal is made while others might only date for a few months. I think the most important thing is feeling ready. You should then propose after getting to know your partner really well. I would like to say that there is no 'set' time frame for proposing. Everyone is entitled to take as long as they need.

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No. The person you marry does not remain the same as they were before marriage anyway. There is a reason for the Swedish proverb "Marriage is a covered dish."