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Yes, pigs in pig-shit. No, they would enjoy it.
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 Yes, pigs in pig-shit. (1)
 No, they would enjoy it. (1)

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Miocene(557) pic

Should water canons filled with slurry,(liquid pig shit) be used on BLM Rioters?

The old adage;- ''fight fire with with fire'' could be adapted to;- ''fight the filth with filth''.
A good dousing of pig-shit might put the codology out of the rioters for a time.

Yes, pigs in pig-shit.

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No, they would enjoy it.

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As such people seldom wash the foul stench of pig-shit could linger in the air for days, maybe even weeks,so perhaps that may not be such a good idea for everyone else.

Side: Yes, pigs in pig-shit.
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The riotous filth would probably relish the experience of rolling around in the pig-shit just as hippopotami enjoy wallowing around in the mud.

Side: No, they would enjoy it.