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Should we allow bias to stand in the way of a logical, well though debate?

Either select 'Yes', meaning that you believe that bias is the basis of our opinions - or 'No' meaning that a good argument is one of facts and logic. Then, give your argument.


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A lot of people think their bias oppinion has little influence or importance over others. But i believe we all have something to say regardless of right or wrong or bias and is a good way to help each other come to accepttances , or not, of differences.

Open-minded oppinions allow us to look at a broader picture from real peoples perspectives only if people are willing to share there own real experiences.

To tap into only those facts and figures from what we the majority learn thru educational systems etc only limits the debate from further investigations beyond what we have already achieved.

Who says we togeather wont just ,hap'to fluke apon , a possible cause or cure to one or many of our commonly shared problems?

Life is trial and error.


Life is bias.

Without it we have no cause for logic.

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I have yet to meet someone who does not allow his bias to stand in the way of a logical, well thought out argument.

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Well, we technically "shouldn't", however, even the way we approach debates is done under bias. We all have a world view which influences the way we approach debating with others and what each person's motives are. It is impossible to completely remove bias. In fact, the word "bias" has a negative connotation and is often used as a dysphemism for the word "perspective." Even the scientific method for testing and experimentation is done under the scope of a perspective, albeit a time-tested perspective.

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I don't know about anyone else here, but I spent my childhood watching Star Trek and forever attempting to mimic the coolness and perfection of the Vulcan mind. I believe that a debate is a clashing of opinions. With logic, you just get a group of people agreeing with eachother (that is, if they are using the same methods of deduction; if they aren't, that is when the debate gets interesting.)

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You can't have an opinion without some form of bias.

Don't argue this cause I will prove you wrong.


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Yes I believe that bias is the key to good arguments, although you can't really make your opinions to personal because then there would be no facts what so ever and no evidence to support your theory.

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I believe no. It's of course understood that bias will play a role in human experience hence, debate. However, successful debate, by definition, circumvents potential bias through discussion. The goal of debate is to purge bias from the argument therefore we can't possibly "allow" bias to stand in the way of debate as bias undermines the very reason of engaging in debate.

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When I first saw these first arguments, I thought you turn out to be some weirdo. However, over the days and weeks, I've come to respect you. I am stating the Boo Hurrah theory when I say that Emotion in debate is often given as fact even though it might (and in my opinion, often does) conflict with logic/has no foundations in logic.

I'm not sure if I've already said this, but I'll say it again: I came here with the decision of being a pillar of logic. However, I was overtaken by emotion at various posts by various members and eventually gave up that mindset. You kept logic, and for that I congratulate you.

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Sorry, since I'm new to this, I'm not sure if I'm violating a rule by reposting, I don't believe that another viewpoint can be correct other than the one I have outlined (I'm aware of how that sounds, again, sorry). Unbiased debate doesn't mean complete agreement as there are valid logical points for both sides. One can argue for or against, with both sides citing logical reason. Cost vs. Ethics is just one abstract example. This one however, I don't see as a debate given that I've outlined the flaw in the definition. Debate arrives at consensus with ultimate truth as the unobtainable goal. Bias involves (for example) "No we shouldn't help Haiti because they have a different color skin." That is bias, differing viewpoints doesn't fall into that category. If a person would commit to one side of a debate because they have experienced repercussions firsthand, they are acting from bias, therefore their argument is tainted. "Yes police should be able to forcibly remove homeless people because I got attacked by a bum once." That is bias. I maintain, bias is to be avoided in debate.

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sorry but

-"Bias involves (for example) "No we shouldn't help Haiti because they have a different color skin." That is bias"

-No , that is racism.

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Ama_Deviant(272) Disputed
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Racism involves bias. It's a view that humans hold different standing (titled racism) that would lead to the decision not to help Haiti. You haven't disproved my point, you incorrectly nit-picked one tiny section of it.

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