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Should we ban traditions in our society?

Hi! can you share your arguments about this problem!! I really want to know your opinions!!!


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I'm from America. I'm for this motion. I am a 25 year old female who lives alone in the city. This question infuriates me.

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We should ban, ability of banishment .

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Atrag(5556) Disputed
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Kite the inappropriate commas again :/ You had been improving.

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ProdiNoob(242) Disputed
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You were improving. or You have been improving.

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English three has helped improvement. I have been slacking, thanks for the critique! :D

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Eating, breath, sleeping, drinking, masturbating, studying and earning money are all traditions that I'm sure we wouldn't want to be banned from being practised.

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I don't see what banning them would gain. If you don't want to follow tradition then you don't have too.

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I was going to post something similar to this, Vermink. The tradition doesn't have to be followed.

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