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Should we be able to put our own pets out of misery?

Last summer our 14 year old blue heeler passed away from an In larger heart and cancer. She had an amazing life as a cattle dog, she was a working dog until she was 9 years old. After she was retired she enjoyed laying in the grass or chasing and catching rabbits, and she ate them too😄 we were told by the vet that wa needed to make her as comfy as we could and when the time came we would have to make a choice, a very hard choice. She went down hill fast, and the get wanted us to bring her in for the final stage of her life. We couldn't do it, if we were to determine her last day it would be on our terms. We gave her pain meds and she remained happy. She wagged her tail and was happy to see dad every night when he came home. 


Finally last Aug, my son came in and said that Blue couldn't stand on her back legs and crawled under a trailer. I went out there and she was breathing but it was labored. We still were not ready to loose our lil girl. She was a child to Us. I put her in the pickup and rushed to the vet. She passed before we got there. 

Looking back I often regret not making the choice to end her suffering during her last days. But it felt like I was making a choice to end my child's life.. 

Yes, no animal should suffer

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No, let nature take it's cours

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Yes. If it were my pet in that scenario, I would, and despite how I may feel afterwards, I should be looking out for her best interests.

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