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Should we blame the BP oil spill on Obama?


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Government is involved in everything that we do today. So, probably somehow or someway the government caused the spill. They are talented in passing the buck. This is why they are aka BIG BROTHER.

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We probably can. Are we justified in blaming him? Who knows? He could have been the one to trigger it for all we know.

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No Pyg, BP did not follow safety regulations as a matter of fact. They didn't do the proper testing, and there was some issue with the mud used to close the pipe that BP ignored to save money and time. It is 100% BP's fault and they should all be in jail.

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Usually, in the event of something fucking up, we blame the people who fucked up. Well, that's what I was taught to do anyways. We could always play the pointing fingers game anyway, though, if it makes you feel better. It's easier to project things onto people anyways, right?

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No one could have really predicted the oil spill and as much as I dislike Obama and would love to nail him for all the mistakes he made, it is not just to blame him for something that you can't pin point on one person. The one thing you can blame him for is for not taking much action as he said he would. But to blame him for the oil spill is about as bad saying that Bush caused hurricane Katrina.

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No It was the BP not him theBP!BP BP BP BP BP BP BP BP BP bp bp bp!!

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There really isn't anyone to blame. Even the people working on the pipe line were following proper safety regulation. It was basically a freak accident.

And Obama? He had absolutely nothing to do with the spill.

BP has spent millions of dollars to organize the largest clean up crew to stop this madness. Unfortunately, it'll never be enough to save the CEO of BP. In the end, he's going to get fucked in the butt, even though it really wasn't his fault.

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