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Should we bring mobile phones to school

Should we bring mobile phones to school

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I don't really understand the debate. It could both mean bringing phones to school for personal use, but maybe you're asking if phones should be used for educational purposes in class?

I think if a teacher can find a way to use mobile phones in a meaningful and educational way, I don't see why he shouldn't use them. Personally, speaking as a teacher, I cannot find a purpose for mobile phones in my classes.

For personal use, I find it sad to see pupils, especially young children sitting alone with their phones in their free time at school. I don't think it is stimulating at all, however phones are necessary for a smooth communication with parents, so therefore for many children they are necessary. But the school as a policy concerning mobile phones, that they may be used as a means of communication with parents concerning rides, or whatever. I think it's a fine policy,

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Generally, I am not against pupils to bring their telephones to school, but only in case when they don't use them during lessons and just for immediate connection with parents, etc. Today, in most cases, children use smartphones for games and social media, also they often use devices for things such as buyessayclub service to ease their study process avoiding tasks that don’t want to do. Searching of some useful information, reading of reviews of essay service e.g. BuyEssayClub, using apps for studying - then it is considered to be ok. But, usually, pupils surfing Facebook, Instagram and so on, which can affect their progress in studies and communication skills. Because I think that school is a little society where people learn to live and communicate with each other.

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