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Should we build underground cities to protect ourselves from Radical Muslims?


The city at Derinkuyu was fully formed in the Byzantine era, when it was heavily used as protection from Muslim Arabs during the Arab–Byzantine wars (780-1180).


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I think the French should try it out first.

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A good idea in tornado alley to protect people and their homes from destructive storms but otherwise no particular use to humanity unless we eventually make the surface of the planet uninhabitable....?

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Due to self radicalization, all attempts at hiding o

are doomed to fail without complete isolation. This tactic will not work.

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Sound enough idea but our politicians, along with the politically correct brigade would ensure that the filth were not only permitted access to our subterranean sanctuary, but were given priority status and privileges over and above those cowing from the Muslim death squads. The question here is, which group is the worst;- the Muslim dirt balls or the scum bag politicians who encouraged the infestation of the western nations by Islamic vermin? The criminally negligent politicians stand solemn faced each year at the Cenotaph during the ''Remembrance Sunday'' tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their nation and all the while they're holding the door open for our sworn enemies to flood the country. The cost of policing and providing social benefits to these terrorist low lives is having to be met by the long suffering taxpayers. How the western populations are now paying a price for their apathy and indifference to what their politicians have done, and are continuing to do to their respective countries. In Britain the electorate are so easily waylaid with petty nonsense like a penny off a pint of beer and the bigger lollipops. I guess that such idiots deserve all they're going to get, because the dumb fools haven't seen anything yet.

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