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Should we end the War on Terror™?

I don't know who to blame for the start of all these modern wars, Britain, USA, 9/11™? But, it appears that we're all randomly invading countries (when I say randomly, I mean they have to have a) Muslims b) rubbish government & c) plenty of oil) in a hit and miss attempt to find Al Queda™ and other terrorist™ groups. It took around a decade for the Americans to find Osama bin Laden™ and this would probably be a good point to end the War on Terror™ and return our soldiers home.


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Keeps on fightsings da terror makers because I like to, as dey say in da America, I like to "trip on da balls" ams I sayings it rights? But when I ams triping on da balls and den the terror makers say "Here ams a good idea, we shall make more terror and put it everywhere!" and den (since da Liechtenstein Country is part of everywhere) da trip I got from "tripping on da balls" gets all scary... So we (America) must ams keep on fightings da terrors maker so I don'ts gets da bad trip from balls.

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Declaring a war on an specific criminal activity is a silly and counter productive practice. Leave criminal activity to law enforcement agencies, save the military for actual wars.

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They got Bin Laden, not that this likely to stop Al Quedda, I say pull out now before the Middle East becomes like Northern Ireland but without American backing of the terrorists. I think you hit the nail on the head with your listing of reasons for the War On Terror and I think the most likely reason being c) Oil

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It doesn't take a genius to realise that the "war on terror" had very little to do with fighting terror, that's why it was nicknamed the "war of terror", because that's what it was (and still is), hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions more lives have been irreparably damaged by this US and western crusade. The only people who believe this "war on terror" bullshit are the ones peddling the propaganda (because they are pathological liars who cannot differentiate what is truth from lies), and the masses (of course) who need their comforting illusions in order to believe they're not somehow responsible for horrible atrocities, but its very easy to be comforted by illusions when it isn't your family, your friends, your community who live their lives at the sharp end of a tomahawk missile or a drone.

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