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Should we exterminate neo Nazis or terrorists?

Neo Nazis

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Uh...if we exterminated any group of people because their agendas were different or even opposed to our own, would that not make us terrorists or fascists to them? Would we then not have simply sunk to their level? And thereby no learned anything useful for preventing such potential conflicts and violence in the future?

Food for thought, mates.


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If libs would just pretend that Neo Nazis were migrants, they'd suddenly love them & give them free welfare.

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Hello boy,

How about both?


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There are by far more terrorists than white supremacists. ISIS alone has had as many as 250,000 fighters. About 3,000 people in America are in white supremacist groups. If all American white supremacists all joined up & created a town, it'd be a tiny town with one diner, 2 convenient stores, & a highschool that's football team has 35 players.

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That's a leading question.

If we chose one or both of these vile groups we have automatically aligned ourselves with them.

Such low lives should be apprehended and brought before a court of law.

The law must always be respected.

If I had a gun put to my head and forced to make a decision I would chose 'terrorists' as they currently pose the greater threat to world peace and order as well as being responsible for a much greater number of deadly atrocities around the world.

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I must agree with Kal, as there is a far larger population of terrorists, thereby posing a larger and more imminent threat to the wellbeing of normal society.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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So here we have a Progressive saying terrorist are an imminent threat ? Thought you Progressives were all about Open Borders ?

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